leigh genkinger

A fashion merchant by trade with a degree in textiles and apparel management from North Carolina State University.  After working 15 years in corporate retail for various retailers such as New York & Company and Aeropostale Leigh eventually landed one of her favorite roles, stay-at-home-mom.  Corporate downsizing and a move to Little Silver thrust Leigh into a new life in the burbs and Leigh was eager to to do something with her years of experience and talent that she felt passionate about. Her passion for organization and an undiagnosed case of OCD (being funny, she doesn’t really have OCD) helped Leigh create orderleigh home.  Leigh finally feels that what she is doing is making an impact on other people’s lives and this is what truly drives her.


The business allows Leigh to watch her kids grow and be present – never missing a recital, game or special event at school, which with her corporate career she was.  Leigh lives in Little Silver with her funny and handsome husband of 10 years and her 3 amazing children. Leigh LOVES the beach, wine & cheese, family dance parties and perfectly organized white labeled bins.


  • Initial consultation to assess space & clients individualized needs
  • Declutter & Organize
  • Purge, donate and sell – will haul away trash, drop off donations and facilitate selling of unwanted items
  • Redesign space & plan an organized, stress free layout
  • Contain and maintain space

follow-up service

  • refresh service provided to reestablish order
  • convert closets seasonally
  • pack and put away seasonal decor (christmas, thanksgiving, etc.)


  • pack current home – declutter, organize & pack efficiently
  • stress free move in
  • unpack into pre-planned, perfectly organized spaces