orderleigh home is a team of full-service professional home organizers that focus on function as well as design. organizing spaces from kitchen and pantries to closets and playrooms – tackle garages and even the dreaded catch all storage areas. creating systems that are functional, beautiful, and delivering a space anyone would be proud to show off to friends and family. the team, which is comprised of local moms, understands how hard it is to juggle everyday life and knows what it takes to run a house efficiently.

in-home organization – full service

  • initial consultation to assess space & understand clients individualized needs. discuss specifics for each space, take measurements & photos, & discuss specific design elements
  • following the initial consultation, a proposal is created which breaks down both supplies & labor by project
  • once proposal is agreed upon, client is added to the calendar & a deposit is taken to secure materials ahead of installation
  • products are purchased on behalf of the client & the team brings on day of install
  • all spaces are emptied & cleaned
  • items are classified into categories which allows the client the ability to better edit, declutter & purge
  • newly organized space is functional & aesthetically appealing
  • clients are taught how to maintain their space & follow-up services are scheduled upon completion


follow-up services & maintenance

  • refresh service provided to re-establish order
  • convert closets seasonally
  • seasonal décor removal & storage (christmas, thanksgiving, etc.)
  • specifically scheduled days each month for returning clients



  • pack current home – declutter, organize & pack efficiently
  • stress free move-in
  • unpack into pre-planned, perfectly organized spaces


virtual organization

  • video call to assess space & create organized layout
  • products ordered & delivered directly to you
  • follow-up video call once space is finalized


on-line organization

  • email photos of your space
  • complete layout & product list emailed to you
  • email communication available throughout your project